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New Babies!

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Ok ok, I know I risk getting the Koko stick for no pictures this minute, but I haven't been on in a while and wanted to update everyone!

(I'm at a friend's so this will be short, I'll post pics I promise!)

My 2 shubunkins and 1 fantail were moved to the 55 gallon successfully. :) Other than Sebastian bottom sitting (which only slightly worries me, he's been in there for over 24 hours now..) things are great! The 37 gallon is being cleaned up, 100% water change.

I came home with two pearlscales yesterday! Little babies, I named them Mitzi and Boo. Precious darlings! I think they are crown pearlscales, I'm new to any fish with wen so it'll be interesting if they do certainly happen to be crowns.

:P Just an update! I'll keep you posted.

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