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Betta Compatiblity


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Didn't you already ask this on an earlier thread? Unless it was someone else...

Male bettas should really be kept alone. Female bettas can be kept in a group of all females, but they must be introduced to the tank at the same time, and have plenty of places to hide. Plus, personalities vary, you can't be sure it will work.

I don't know about keeping dwarf frogs with them though.

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My betta boy has lived perfectly happily in a 10 gallon with 5 male guppies for the past few months until I bought 3 female betta's and kicked him and the guppies out into a 5 gallon. He's still happy with his buddies.

The females...eh..They attacked the heck out of the guppies, which is why I moved them. The females seem to be way more aggressive towards other fish than the males.

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