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Bye Bye Casper

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A few months ago, I found a 1/2 inch fry in my tank. He was growing and getting some color. A beauty. Well, yesterday I was on my computer and my mom called me into the next room saying I had a fish stuck to my filter. I ran in and got my net and helped him off of the filter. I kept him in a plastic breeding tank inside my tank for a while to let him build up his energy and calm down. When he started to swim better, I let him out and fed him and the other fish. Well today when I got home from school, I checked on him and found him at the bottom of my tank. My poor Casper had died. My scavengers ate off his beautiful little fins. :(

Here's Casper, my beautiful little fry that only lived for a few months.





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Thanks guys.

I really wish I would have been able to see him grow up and guess who his parents were.

I can't help but think that if he were a bit bigger, he wouldn't have been sucked toward the filter and would still be here.

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