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My New Fish

Guest chevyguy2500hd

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Guest chevyguy2500hd

me and my dad were out looking at a plow truck and we saw a fish store. so we decided on the way out we would stop in and see what they had. it was called uncle neds fish factory. they had a bunch of container ponds out front with some beautiful koi and commets. we went in side and looked around we usualy look for salt water, fish we both have salt tanks but i usualy look at all of the fish. i looked around and thought i saw everybody but then i saw out of the connor of my eye a cupple goldys, then looked on the other side of the row of tanks and saw some beauties. and this is the one i picked. and i couldent belive he was only $25.00. they were great they asked me how long my ride was and threw a oxygen tablet in the bag with him because i was about an Hour and half from home. i have never had that happen before. he is about 5to 6 inches. the only problem i had was no more room in the tank i have set up, so i set up one of the many i had sitting in the gaurage. i used tank water from my 55 and one of the filter pads i use over my filter intake to help cycle the new tank. now i need to get some more live plants so it dosent look so bare in there. i was thinking of seting up this tank but i wasent sure if i want a third tank. 3 tanks+ 4 dogs makes for a lot of work but it is fun. later ill take a few picks of all my fish i have 5 orands in the 55 he is in a 25 alone for now and i have a 75 salt. here is a picture of my new fish. fish108.jpgfish109.jpg

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