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White Spot On Elvis' Top Fin


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Hi all. This is just a quick post. Elvis has developed a white spot on his top fin. Don't know what it is. I noticed it while preparing to do his 100% water change. I'll post a pic as soon as I can.

How do I make the parasite garlic gel food. How much jump start and how much garlic? I have a box with 4 envelopes of unflavored gelatin.


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Roni, I am sorry not to get here sooner, have you started on the food?

Heres a quote on how to make garlic gelfood from Lynda :

Anyway, yeah, gel food is pretty easy. Just soak the Jumpstart in a little water and get it all soft and mushy (soaking pellets can take a while so either be prepared to let it sit for quite a while or pre-grind the pellets into a powder) and then mash it into a paste then mix in the garlic paste (the whole concotion should be a cup or a little less and about the thickness of a cream sauce) and heat it up on the stove, take it off the heat and then add a packet of gelatin and mix it up really well and pour it in a container/tray and refrigerate it. Then cut it in cubes to feed or, as I like to do, squish a little cube through a garlic press and serve little gel food worms!

When I have made gelfood I have just thrown it all together haphazardly, so I cant say how many pellets ratio exactly. One pack of gelatin should be enough for about a cup of ingredients total though.

Hopefully the spot is going to clear up when the parasites are completely gone, I expect it is related.

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