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20 Gallon High Tank

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My friend has a 20 gallon high tank (LxWxH: 24" x 12" x 16") which he keeps four one inch goldfishes. The fishes don't look too happy or swim much. In fact, the two bubble eyes are sitting on the bottom of the tank most of the time. He runs a AC 50, so I assume that is just about enough filtration. His levels are all normal. What can I tell him to do to make the fishes happier and more active?

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with a 20 gal tall, the goldfish will probably need more aeration.

not as much surface area in tall tanks as opposed to wide.

does your friend have any bubble wands? or other means of putting more oxygen into the water?

if not, that might be something to try.

also... how often does he do tank maintenance?

actually... now that i think about this, i'm going to move this topic.

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