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Adult Guppy Problem

El Pez

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I bought a large female guppy the other day and she is about as big as they get at about 2.5 inches. She is pretty much the size of all my other 4 combined. Anyways, she has not been acting normal since i've got her. She floats by the heater and doesn't eat. All my others are happy as could be (1 male i bought with her the same day is doing fine as well). At first it sounds like she is pregnant but i'm not so sure of this. Her gravid spot appears to be dark but not black. I've never had a guppy this size before so i'm not sure what i'm looking at or for. Usually my females are a bit bigger than my males not godzilla like. My "big mama" guppy is smaller and appears to be pregnant, her spot is nice and dark but the huge guppy isn't so dark and is showing symptoms of advanced pregnancy... Any ideas?

its a 10 gal with 2 males and 3 females @ 80 degrees, normal PH and everything, water changed at least every week, usually bi-weekly.


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