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Eggs....lots And Lots Of Eggs

Guest horsemadmum

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Guest horsemadmum


My pond fish have been spawning like crazy over the last few weeks....... especially on the extra warm days.......Normally I leave the breeding mops in the ponds as just wait and see but this year as I am now working from home I thought I would bring them inside into my large empty tank...... To try and raise a few extra..... :D

Now my question is how long do the eggs take to hatch??? I have had them inside for 8 days. I have been removing the dead eggs as best I can but there is still SOOOOOOO many. I have been making sure that the water stays clean and removed any snails that were on the mops..... Our water that we get out of the taps is exactly the same as what goes into the pond as we draw from an underground spring. We have stunningly clean and clear water.

Some of the eggs have little eyelash looking things in them...i am assuming that is the fry...but I think I am being impatient but also trying to get some education about these things........Maybe I should have just let nature take its course.....but I wanted to see it this time.... ;)

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Sooo....???? Do we have babies yet?!

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