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Transfering 2 Of My Goldfish To A Pond In Cold Weather


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Okay, now I am thinking about transfering 2 of my comets to a pond with one large koi and about 4 other commons. If I acclimate them correctly by floating the bag in the pond water for 30 minutes and then adding some pond water into the bag and waiting another 15 minutes, do they have a good chance of surviving. This is a large, well-maintained man-made pond at my husband's work. The pond is in Maryland and the nights temp-wise are in the 40s now and the days are in the 60s. My tank water temp is currently around 75 degrees. Should I wait until the spring to transfer them or will they have a good chance of surviving if I put them in now?

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Hi Kristen. I transfer fish from aquariums to ponds and visa versa on a regular basis. I personally will not move the fish if the difference in water temp is more than 10 degrees. Probably would have a much better chance if you were to wait til spring.

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