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Fiona's been having troubles with swim bladder disorder for a while now. I've tried everything. Water changes, pH and nothing works. I'm in the process of raising my pH from a very low number but it's not doing any good. These past few days she's reacted so badly that after every time I'd feed her in the morning, she'd be upsidedown floating at the top of the tank by the time I came home from school.

I know what you're going to say about it being a digestive problem but I've done everything in the book. Fasted, made her own gel food, fed peas/frozen food and nothing. As I said I have fed her 1 pea now in the morning for a few days and she bloats up. I thought peas were a goldfish laxative. I need suggestions badly I have no clue what could be wrong now. :unsure:

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