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My Gel Food And Its Recipe?


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ok heres my recipe(p.s. i accidently took all the stuffs a lot.so do it wit ur cooking power to mesure how much u should take and all my cups means paste of the veggy)

1.red capsicum(paprika)-1 full

2.paprika powder-2.5table spoon




6.papaya-bit more dan .5 cup

7.quel`s egg-7

8.chicken egg yolk-3

9.beat-root-bit less dan 1 cup

10.bean sprout-1cup

11.red spanich-1.5cup



14.multi vita tables-5

15.vita b1-5

16.tofu(soya-curd)-100 grams

17.tiny pinch of seesalt

18.175 grams geletin.

19.1.5litr water

2o.vita e capsuls-3

21.garli paste-2surer spoon

at first i choped and grinded all da veggies.dan i gave eggs and paprika powder and start to cook it in a medium pot.the smeel was horroble and it was making me nuts :krazy: .while cooking i saw it turned to purple to orange as u will see in the pic.as carotine is good for colouring i use lot of veggys containig it.ok after cooking i desolved the gelotines in the boiled water and gave in my veggy mix by that time the smell was hugely reduced.so i keps it to go to its full form.in the morning i saw that i was nt fully formed but enought to feed them.u wont belive how much they like them.still its bit googy,but as long as they likes it i m ok wit that.as i change my tank water every 2days so it wont b a biggy i hope.but next time i will try to use more gellos.ohhh i wont know y i used bit orange flaboured gello but they r liking it n it gave me a nice orengy colour.n the whole thing tase bit sweet.now i m looking forward for some big coloury goldys lets see wat happens. :rolleyes:

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thanks. :I-Thank-You::rolleyes: ...i hope hope i wont had to made it for long time as i made a huge quanty now... :nana:rockon ....but i really dont know from where that smell comes n y? :hummm

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Yeah, it can smell a bit strange. :D As long as you don't serve it your friends. :tomuch:

I wonder their look on their faces if you ever should tell them for whom you are cooking such good looking "soup". Looks actually very delicious, like you are working on something sweet.

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My goodness! This food is fit for a king! I hope your goldies know how much they're being spoiled! What a wonderful fare you have prepared! I'm betting the stink came from the vitamins. Vitamins are always sooooo stinky! You know, if you want to thicken this gel food up more, you can actually reheat it and add more gelatine. I've done it and it doesn't seem to hurt anything.

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give these to my frnd...hmmmm not to frnd i will feed this to my moms brother.this thing is good for him lolz

hihihi yap there pretty much ummm actually they r fully spoiled...lolz...ok i will try to cook it again it more jelletine hope it will gone be fully thik....

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