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Garbage Tank And Stand


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So at work, ironically there was a tank, stand, light and filter in the garbage. Which is weird because I work for a pool builder. So naturally I had to take it.

I figure its a 18gal hex, the stand looked hella old wish I took before pics. But imagine something that was stained 50 years ago with all the dirt built up.

So I sanded it back down to bare wood, and stained it!




Now I have baby goldfish, they are 4 months old hatched from eggs. So I figure why not. Threw some sand in and the filter hob that came with the tank and put them in.



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What a bonus!!! Now getting a second hand tank for a good deal buck-wise is great, but when you get it free, it's so much better, AND! when you save one from the trash and complete anihilation, WOW!, that's the ultimate thrill! How wonderful!!! Love it to death and, as one DIY person to another, you did an excellent job of bringing it back from the grave!

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Nice but 18 gallons for five goldfish? Not so nice. Will make a great tropical tank though.

Its not there permanent home, just til they grow up a little more. Then 2 of them are going into my 180. Then the other 3 I will be setting up a 55gal tank I have at the girls house. As for tropical fish, I dont know what would fit in there in comfort besides a betta.

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