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Couple Of Food Questions


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It seems my gf, now in the cleaned pool, aren't too keen on coming to the surface to feed as they did when the water was quite murky. I know it is late in the season for foods other than wheat germ-based, but what is a good food that will sink slowly?

Also. when you give them brocolli or zucchini, do you cook it or serve it raw?


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so i know that most of us use progold... which sinks like a rock...

if you're looking for something that sinks slowly, daniel recently introduced me to a brand called aquadine.


my fish really like it. :) it sinks slowly...

is gobbled up quickly...

but it does tend to break apart easily after it's wet.

i'm sure with your pond babies though it'll all get gobbled up quickly.

from the looks of it though, it can be quite pricey! :unsure:

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I can say from experience that fish need a while to get used to their new surroundings. Especially since they went from green water to clear water. It is somewhat of a shock to them to see so much all of a sudden. Mine always took a week and more to get used to that. It is scary to them to suddenly see somebody walking outside "their water", see other movements, and they might be a bit skiddisch at first. :)

Oh, and I would cook the veggies, with no salt. Otherwise it is too tough to eat for the goldies, especially the broccoli. The Zuccini is somewhat softer, and maybe just a short dunk in hot water will do it.

Aquadine is a great food, Tinko! I think Ken from Goldfishconnection still sells it. I found some locally in central FL, with all kinds of "flavors". :D

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