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What Can I Get From These?


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here`s mys 2 big bubbles eye....

white and red colour in the head one is male n red and white belly is da female...








these ar in my 8-10 gallon tank...

but now for some hours i m keeping the big two bubble eyes in my 5 gallon fish jar.i will remove them soon...dont worry just keeping them togather to see how they spawn.coz with 3 bubbles eye i never saw any of them spawning....i hav hav more fishes in my 20 gallon they r also crowded but with great water filtaration n i change the water in every 2-3days i will post them soon....

p.s.i m giving my goldys pic for the first time even this is the 1st time i m uploading pic in a forum except face book.hope u people gonna ignore my mistake.i m posting this post again coz i wasnt getting any replay there.plz dont mind.



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thankx guys.....

my bubbles eyes r now in 10 -11 gallon tank.i dont hav hav any spare bigger tank than that.but i will b soon buying one to separate my fishes.coz i m eriously seeing its getting too much crowded...gosh 1 will hav 4 fish tank n one 5 gallon gar lolz...too many wather changes...

franky i like my bubbles eye...but i really want a ranchu.i was searching all over but coulds even manage a single one......i need to blame my self coz once bout 5 years bak i had 6 ranchus n those were found in bangladesh but now .... :( my bad...i wish i knew bout glodys that time like now.... :cry1

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its not ur fault now u have Kokos and we are all here to help.you can look at auctions or look around different stores in ur city you can possibly find one. in my city i never ever saw ranchus only lionheads that how i chose mine it was the closest i could get to a ranchu.i know i really wanted one too.good luck trying to find one!!!!! :)

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