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Tropical Fish


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I want to know all the freshwater tropical fish possible that can live in 15 gallons? and what kind of tropical fish can live with bettas in 15 gallons?

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A male betta should be kept alone. Female bettas can sometimes be kept together if you put them into the tank at the same time but probably not worth the risk, and probably aren't great with other fish either. It depends on the betta.

15G, you could have guppies, corys, danios, platys, neons and some other kinds of tetras....it depends on what kind of fish you want and how many you want really.

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mollies are live bearers, so i wouldn't get more than 3-5 to begin with unless the person you are getting them from can sex them for you.


a new 55 gal tank with a common pleco


there's the common pleco... it's bigger now.

i started with 5 mollies... and they had babies.


molly fry in a tea cup


as you can see... there are many more now.

and they don't stop having babies.

in case you're wondering, the water is that "tea" color because of the driftwood.

it is still leaking tannins into the water.

but you can also see the baby mollies of various sizes. they're everywhere... as well as the poo from all the mollies and the pleco. :P

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