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Another New Tank!


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I posted a topic last week asking for advice on what I can do with a tank a work friend gave me. Well today another friend at work has given me a FREE tank too!!

It's a Rena Aquaria 60 still boxed and complete with light, filter and stand http://www.gardenandleisure.com/prodimages...a_aquaramal.jpg

I think the word is out that I'm the offices crazy fish lady! But at least now i've got my goldie growing tank! :krazy:

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thts awesome...the tank fairy is really happy with you.. :D .. :P ...enjoy the free tanks..and waiting for pics... :) ..set them up soon...and more goldies..yayyyyy..!!!

I must have been a very good girl!!

I would love to set them up and show you all pictures, but for the newest tank i've got the age old problem of finding the space. The tank that I got last week will be housed in my bedroom, so after i have sorted out my TV cabinet it will sit on the top of that.

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