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Sad Day...

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Hello all...

I decided it was time to put my little oranda out of misery a couple days ago. She had been bottom laying for 2 months, and could only eat when I hand fed her. She would sometimes get a burst of energy to try to swim, but she always crashed to the bottom. I didn't have any clove oil and didn't know where to buy any, so I crushed some whole cloves till she fell asleep.

This was really hard. I felt like I let her down, and that the nicest thing I could do was to let her stop suffering (of course, I don't know if she was in pain or not, but her quality of life wasn't good, and she couldn't function on her own) :cry1

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Don't feel too bad, it sounds like you made a humane decision. It's something many of us have had to do and I know it's not easy, I hope you feel better soon.

That was very smart of you to crush cloves, I never thought of that before.

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