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It was actually my little girls betta fish but I took care of it and loved it too. What happended was last night after I had just gone to bed, I heard something fall. I thought it was my hubby making noise. He came in the bedroom and told me that he needed my help. I asked him what happended and he told me that one of our cats knocked over the betta vase!!!! I ran into the kitchen looking on the floor for him and my husband said, "the ###### cat got him!" :madrant Poor, poor baby! What an awful way to go. I feel so bad because I should have never trusted my cats to leave him alone. They never messed with him before and we had him for almost a year :rip: .

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I'm sorry to hear about your poor betta :(

I once dropped one down the drain while cleaning the tank, so I know how hard it is when the go in a bad way.

RIP little guy

I had a dream I did that one time! It was an awful feeling.

I'm very sorry he had to go that way. Those feline instincts can be troublesome sometimes. :( Was your daughter okay?

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