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Cellophane Background


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I posted this on my blog already but thought I'd put it here too :)

I've been looking for a simple, cheap background for my tank. I haven't had good success with the typical aquarium backgrounds. Last week I was at the dollar store and picked up some colored cellophane to try and it worked well. It clings to the back of the tank like glue, no tape needed, and it gives a bit of a subtle backdrop to the tank. I was even thinking that I can buy special types for the holidays, like candycanes for Xmas or something :D

Here's a pic. There are a lot of wrinkles here cause I'd just put it on, but I got those all smothed out yesterday.


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Looks gr888 Chrissy..I have been thinking of doing this myself...but I didn't find cellophane..or maybe just missed out on it at wally world...but a dollar store..awesome..will totally get it and use one...excellent idea and look.. :)

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