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Rena Smartheater


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Can anyone help. I've had my smartheater since May (And I love it) it connects to the intake of my Ehiem 2080 canister and heats the water as it flows into the canister. It's worked fine until this afternoon when I came to do a water change.

I switched all the tanks equipment off (Like I always do) emptied the tank 60% and then filled with fresh water. I then switched all the equipment back on and the light on the heater is flashing. Normally the light on the heater would be lit and then would turn off when it reaches the correct temprature. Today however it's flashing. I'm unable to find the instructions (must have thrown them) but I seem to remember that flashing means there is a problem with the heater.

Can anyone advise on what may be wrong, if if anyone has a Smartheater can you let me know what a flashing light really means?

Thank you.

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