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Fishy Pictures


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Took some fish pictures and figured I would share! Fisher and Starbuck are doing well -- Starbuck has been a bit more active the past two days, so I'm thrilled that she's perking up. Of course, also waiting for that to change in a nanosecond.

Kenobi and Sephie are doing marvelous. Their 20 gal isn't cycled yet, so I've been doing more frequent water changes. But the media I transferred to it from my 29 seems to be giving it a bit of a kick...today, nitrates were at 5. Whee!

In other news, I almost came home with another fish yesterday. I was at the local chain pet store and there was a cute little pearlscale with a piece of gravel jammed in his mouth. I pointed it out to the fish employee, who had no clue what to do. So I asked her to just get me a net and tweezers. Instead she returned with net, tweezers, and a gruff employee who proceeded to grab the fish and yank the gravel out with the tweezers. When I peeked back in at him, his lip was cut and a piece was dangling. I just KNOW that the water conditions there will worsen the condition and he's probably not going to make it. *sigh* Guess you can't save them all. But I still want to! How awful is 3 fancys in a 20 gallon? :unsure:

Starbuck posing...


Kindly requesting that I remove the camera from her face...


Yet being a camera hog when I try to snap a Fisher picture...


She looks so cute in this one!


A good Fisher shot, though this is the side that's a little beat up from being sick last year...


Gotta love the goofy ones...


The best I could get of Sephie, she's so quick and jittery...


Kenobi looking concerned that he may have a twin...


I love this one because it looks like she's trying so hard...


Swimming together...


Sephie, the hoover...


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Great pictures.

You did what was best for your fish by leaving the pearlscale at the store. We as pet owners must think of the ones we already have before adding more of anything be it a dog or a fish.

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