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Measuring Day


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I thought it was high time to attempt to really measure the two troublemakers, Ophie and Gillian (otherwise known as Girl Gilbert). So Yesterday, after their water changed, they got to play in a container for a few minutes while I tried to take some pictures.


There is a ruler and a quarter underneath the container to attempt to try and measure them. Of course, Ophie didn't want to stay still long enough to be measured. But Gillian is more or less the size of a quarter.


"Get your tail out of my face!"


They got a pea treat for going into the horrible picture tub, as you can see


Gillian/Gilbert being cute. She really is camera shy, and impossible to take a good picture of in the tank. If I bring out the camera she either a) screams and runs and hides behind the filter or b) screams and runs and hides under the asian lamp. Because you know, the camera is going to EAT THEM!

Of course, all the while Ophie is at the front of the tank wanting food and being a goof.

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