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Name Suggestions


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I always think of cheerleaders too, inevitably... how about Sandy? (That's Sandy of Grease fame, obviously. :Jig: )

Otherwise, the first photo you posted of him made me think he had teeny tiny little spectacles balanced on his nose -- maybe you could call him Professor?

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Warrior- looks a wee tough guy :)
he is a big wusshe is afriad of the tank light so i leave it off
All but one of my fish are nameless. :( I guess I will need some help!
how about Toby? or Ted

what type of fish is it Jed

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Guest pipsxlch

:blush: my pompom ranchu is Snotface, the growths just always looked like giant boogers to me

Kind of gross, but maybe Booger? (figure people will think of it as an affectionate name, not as nasal discharge)

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