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Let's Thank Our Mods! : )


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I've been looking through old posts from a lot of our moderators lately. I knew they were good.. but man. They are GOOOOOOOOOOD!!!! Looking through the posts in a row, and finding all the great information is just amazing. But what's so important is not even how smart they are, and experienced they are, but that they are so willing to share that information, and devote the time...

Let's take Daryl for example (only because she is the most recent post I read).. Her info comes from experience. Her info is thoroughly researched, tried out, proven correct or incorrect... (or sometimes still even continued) Looking through her posts I am in awe of the amount of knowledge she has! Then when you consider all the work she does at home, with her own life, and then see how she has spent so much time here sharing it all with us. It's just really great. I think everyone on this board put together makes a really wonderful team.. : ) I think all the great members makes it such a great place..But I definately think that one of the big reasons for that is because we are all here learning from the BEST.. And we have these really wonderful moderators here making it such a good source of reliable information. And they are always willing to help.

So, maybe it's on the corny side (of course it is, it's meeee) but I just think we should all just say a big thanks/message to our fabulous mods/helpers (And our terrific administrator of course).. :) So here's mine:

Thank you ALL for all the time you have spent on this board. Thank you for all the information you have shared, for the research you have done. For the patience you have with everyone, and for the time you take making sure everyone is helped.. I value your opinions and feel like you've taught soo many of us including myself so many things.. You guys are wonderful, and you make koko's the best forum in the world...


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