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Farewell Ketchup

Guest kafine

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Guest kafine

The last of my fish has been put to sleep tonight following a mystery affliction that clearly, towards the end, was causing him pain and distress.

The three fish, Hopscotch, Nemo and Ketchup were a christmas gift in 2003 from some freinds who I love very much, and I'm thankful for it (even though at the time I had no idea what I was in for!).

Ketchup was always secretly my favourite, and I am glad he survived the longest. He had such a laid back and quirky personality. The trials those little guys put us through never phased him. One incident of note was the time he jumped out of a bowl they were in during a full water change. Mum had to catch him in her hands and he fought back! But he always got over these incidents (unlike poor Hopscotch, who trembled like a little leaf at the first sign of stress). He was a fighter.

I'll tell you what my freind (one of the ones who gave me the fish) said when I gave her the bad news, because I thought it was lovely; "i've heard in fish heaven the water is champagne and the roads are made of shelled peas. and there's no such thing as finrot."

To Ketchup! May he get stuck in hollow ornaments as often as he desires in the afterlife (don't ask).

Here is the only picture I have of them together; Ketchup is the orange one.


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Awww hun I am sooooooo sorry!!! You tried so hard for Ketchup and I am soo sorry he didn't get better... It sounds like he was hurting, and had to go... I hope he is enjoying his pea filled life with the rest of his buddies now.. I know it will take time, but I hope you will find yourself ready for a new lil baby at some point, and I hope to still see you stick around this board.

RIP Ketchup... :cry1

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