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What Wrong With My Pearl Scale

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White Fancy Tail:

For the past month, I believed he have swimming bladder problem. I fast the fish for three days and fed green peas for three days. It gotten better but now it looks like it got worsen.

Gold Pearl Scale:

I noticed the wound two weeks ago and now it got worsen. The wound is deepen to a point that I can see an opening above the mouth. I believed he have a "hole in the head disease" or Fungus infection.

Both fishes appeared to have good appetite.

If there is a treatment regimen, can I treat both fishes on the same hospital tank.

Please help, thank you very much.

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One of the mods has moved your thread here. at top of this thread you will now see a box please give us as much information as asked for in the box. water test results are very important as any problems with your water quality need to be seen to first. If you dont have a test kit take a sample of your water to your LFS and ask them to test it and write results down for you then post the results ,here

More information we have from box at top enables us to help you better :)

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