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New 55g

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ok i am planning on getting a 55g tank and want to know what every one thinks i should do about gravel

i either want to do

natural gravel- looks nice easy to clean doesnt flake or chip

now to have large gravel or small gravel?

or i want to do black gravel b/c it really makes the fish pop

but i have notised the paint chips and it flakes and then you have a bunch of little tiny peaces in the bottom of the tank

i dont like the look of bare bottom tanks they always look nice in everyones pictures but when i tried it before(not with gf) it got all gross lokking on the bottom kind of scummy looking ewww and you could always see the poop it wasnt water quality issues b/c they always tested perfect and i did a partial water change every week so it want like it was left to pile up or anything lol

anyway i just dont like them

what do you guys think?

i only have a black moore now and there are these 2 beautiful fish at work but i kind of wanted to set up the new tank before brought them home i do have room for them now but i dont really want to put them through the stress of mooving them

i also plan on putting all the water from the other tank into the new one to get it started(it is a 30g) so there will be alot of bacteria growth and i will be usin gthe filters with that tank too i will have to buy another one though b/c those 2 combines only do about 350 gph but i dont htink i will have problems with adding fish right away as there will be alot of old water to get it started

the new tank has to go on the same stand as the current tank as that is the only place i have room for it

anyway i am rambling lol thanks for any suggestions on gravel and feel free to [ost pics of your tanks with the gravel tyoes i have mentioned so i can get a better look for what i want


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I wanted to write something, but just recalled that I had already written something similar not so long ago, so I hope you don't mind if I copy-pasted that instead:

(It's specifically the last paragraph that is of interest here I think, but I left the rest 'for context' :) )

Actually, an undergravel filter is usually not advisable for a goldfish tank, mainly because you really need to know what you're doing , as things can g wrong far more easily than with other types of filters, which is part because goldfish tend to dig in the gravel ("there might be fooood under there!" :rolleyes: ): an undergravel filter requires a relatively think layer of gravel (as far as I know, it isn't possible to do it without gravel), and some of the bacteria that like to live in this kind of environment can produce gasses, which are harmless when contained in the gravel, but once they are released in the water they can be very harmful for the fish (and far too quickly for their keeper to do anything about it).

No before you panic and immediately start removing the gravel, this is just a worst case scenario. Also, in trying to avoid this, you might cause it if you remove the gravel while the fish are in the tank (so if you ever decide to do it, post a topic first).

Regarding the 'gravel eating', that's the main reason why a lot of people prefer to go without gravel: goldfish tend to try to eat everything, including the gravel, so it's necessary to have gravel that's large enough that it doesn't fist in their mouth (which is much more than you'd think). The largest problem is that when the gravel is 'just the right size', they can fit it into their mouth, but can't manage to spit it out again, and it becomes necessary to remove it by hand :( . At the other end of the spectrum, very small gravel passes the mouth really easily, but can cause damage to the gills when they go out through there.

Hope this info helps a bit ...

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I have a very thin layer of Estes brand river rock, it's dark and natural looking, you should check it out you might like it if your debating between dark gravel and natural gravel. Remember if you're going to do gravel, keep it in thin layers, that way you can get all the gunk out easier and pockets of nasty things won't form.

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