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Gumdrop Trio

Guest Halloween

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Guest Halloween



I haven't decided who is who but the three names I have for them are Punisher (NOT the comic book Punisher either, more like an obscure refrence to Trigun), Hammer (not the movie), and Gauntlet (and not the game).

I have them in a breeding basket for now because they all have Ich and I was afraid that the filter might be to strong and suck them in. I think I'll have to find a smaller filter.

I was just going to get two but how do you leave 1 behind? They're clearly all of the same spawn which makes them brothers and sisters. It looks like 2 girls and a boy but then again they are about the size of ... ..... Marbles.. I've been gone a long time, I don't expect I'll hang around this time either, just thought I'd share the Gumdrop Trio with you because Pearls have become my favorite type of goldfish I think.

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They are the most adorable (assuming one doesn't think too much about their sort of Grrr Aarg names) little guys ever!

I'm glad you got all three -- it would have been just too tragic to leave one behind, all alone. :)

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