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How Can I Hav A Ranchu From Thailand Or Anywhere In Bangladesh?


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hi guys...i need some help about getting goldfish.i am a real fan of ranchu.but i cant find a single one in here.i asked all petshop but they were nt able to supply a single one.i hav 6 ranchu long time ago which all died.it about 6 years ago when i had a big tank.but i didnt know how to protect da fishes.now i hav some knowledge in me n i m really eagar to breed ranchu,i hav 5 bubble eyes i keeps them in a tank in hope dat i will get a ranchu out of them when they will Give eggs.any ways my quistion is HOW CAN I GET A PAIR OF NICE RANCHU (A MALE N A FEMALE)FROM ANY OTHER COUNTRY(LIKE THAILAND..OR SOME WHERE..)?WAHT WILL B THE PRICE?HOW MUCH IT WILL COST ME?I WILL B ABLE TO BRING OTHER TYPES OF GOLDFISH TOO RIGHT?

so please can anyone help me plz.i m really a great fan of ranchu.so can any one help me.petshops here says that people dont know dis fish in bangladesh dats why they r not importing it.so i dont know wat to do?so can anyone plz plz plz help me...please.



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Best chance probably you contact the ranchu breeders in thailand or china etc etc and ask them to ship them for you. As for how to obtain their numbers, well, u have to ask around.

Won't be cheap though...

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