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Sleeps Upsidedown?


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Ok so many of you probably remember when I posted about my fish Fiona having swim bladder problems and swimming irregularily ( Upisde down). I diagnosed this as a food problem and have made her a gel food she responds well to. She no longer swims upside down or sideways. She's neutrally bouyant and is swimming fine.

There's one problem though. No matter how well she swims during the day, she always sleeps upside down in her plant. I don't know what the heck is causing this. Could she just like it? Is it more comfortable cuz it's anchoring her down well??

I've noticed she has a tendancy to gulp at the top for some reason. Even when I'm not feeding her, (I feed her by hand btw) she gulps at random times. I try and get her to stop sucking in air but to no avail. I have an aerator going constantly so I don't think ther's an oxygen shortage in her tank.


Ammonia 0.0 ppm

Nitrates 0.0 ppm

pH 6.8 to 7.0

Nitrates 5 to 10 ppm

30 percent water changes every week.

I know I've gotta get the pH up, but other than that, I need help. I'm worrying she could be harming herself by gulping. What can I do to stop this? Is her sleeping upside down a problem?

Please post.

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Hmmm. This reminds me of my ranchu 'Calypso' who would always flip upside down at night and while sleeping.

I was less experienced when my fish was going through this and I mistakenly focussed on treating the swim-bladder problem whilst missing the underlying issue causing her to be taking in too much air. Surface gulping indicates a gill problem. Have you ever run Prazi to treat for flukes? If not, I would certainly do this immediately. Flukes compromise gill function, causing the fish to try to get more oxygen from the surface - unfortunately this also means gulping down excess air.

If you've already treated her with Prazi we can think again. Let us know.

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Prazi is completely harmless to fish so it can only be considered a good thing to use if your fish has never been treated.

Do not worry that this is a toxic or unnecessary medication -Many of us treat new fish for flukes as a matter of course, as most fish do have them. If the burden is low they can appear a-symptomatic for quite a long time but as you are seeing surface gulping and your fish has not been treated, I would get Prazi and see if there is an improvement.

You can order online from several places - here are a couple of sites



or you could go to GFC, below, and order yourself some 'Buff it Up' to fix your PH at the same time


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