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5 Months Have Passed...

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Since my first little orandas Tipp and Jo have died. You folks never got to meet them. Here's the only picture I ever took of them.


Jo is the redcap, and Tipp is the orange. They were both about 2 inches long, even though Jo was bigger around by far. He my big guy. His wen was growing nicely, too. I'd had them for 3 months and everything was fine. Then one day I came home from being gone a day and Jo was stuck to the filter! :( He was still alive and I thought he had a bad case of SBD but he had lost pretty much all movement in his tail and all he could do was float sideways. Every now and them he looked like he could get better. He'd struggle to swim straight, but he always fell over sideways again. And his scales started to stick out on one side. He survived for another day, but he didn't make it. I cleaned the tank and Tipp seemed to be okay, but the next morning I woke up and he was swimming on his side, too. I knew he wouldn't make it either, considering his size in comparison to Jo. There was nothing I could do. He died within the hour. I should've euthanized him myself, but I didn't know that was an option at the time. I was still new to the game. Now that I look back at the symptoms I see that maybe they died of dropsy. I did weekly tank maintenance, but I happened to skip that week's because I was gone. I guess I'll never really know what caused my babies to die, especially so suddenly. They were good little fish and I'll never forget them.

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