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My Fry (".)


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Hi can any one give suggestions or possible cause???

my 1month and a half fry just died, and now only one is left...i even thought that the 2 of them push thru....because they are the ones who are left and still alive (they are fighters)...but i just found out one of them died and it was the bigger one of them....so i'm only left with only one fry now....its so frustrating =( thats the longest fry that I have who ever lived that long....i even thought that its all good now and i have a healthy baby fry that i can watch grow....

I'm not sure what the problem is but i'm pretty sure that i took care of them the right way.... but this pass few days when i was observing my fry who just died, Im puzzled because it became thinner and a bit pale from its usual color... but my other fry who's smaller is alive and doing well.

what could have been the problem?

I also had a new batch of fry now....and taking care of them the same way i did with the earlier ones.....but any suggestions or comments would be so helpful....

Infos(about my fry tank):

1.)tank is big enough for the two of them

2.) filter (small so it wont cause a strong current)

3.) light

4.) baby powdered fish food (also have brine shrimp)

5.) medication like (mythelene blue)

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Sometimes Fry's get defects in them. I had a fry that get to 2 months old and for some strange reason it got a split in the mouth....I dont think you did anything just sometimes this will happen :(

Hows the water quality?

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