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Flake Foods


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Hey, I'm just wondering what kinds of goldfish flakes are good and nutritional for goldfish.

I'm trying to treat a swim bladder/constipation problem with my telescope-eye Fiona. You can help me with that in my topic titled "swim bladder problem?" in disease discussion/diagnosis.

So here's the deal. I've recently learned she might have "Gas" from her food I'm feeding her. Or it at least dosn't agree with her stomach. So I need some suggestions. I want to feed her something natural, and nutritional. No tetra crap. That's junk. But something good. That's why I chose Omega 1 goldfish, but I might need to change foods. So suggestions?

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Most members here perfer to use a sinking pellet or pellet food to flake food, but there's this pinned topic at the top of the page which has some decent discussion on good flake foods. Other members will probably chime in on specific brands for you to use, if not in your topic/thread in the Disease section if you've also asked them.


But always remember to soak your staple flake/pellet/sinking pellet to avoid any cosumption of air during feeding--which is especially important for fish that specificly have floating problems. Another good thing to feed is homemade gel food, which is also in a pinned topic at the top of the page--it will instruct you what to put in it, how to make it, ect.

Good luck with your Fiona, and I hope she gets better soon! :)

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