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If raised "right" - most goldies will be ready to breed the spring/summer following hatch. Almost all fish will spawn on that first year. AFter that, spawning is something that can, for some, become more difficult. Some fish require more careful prep, more exact temps, more specific signals. Others - not so much.

A fish that has been given the "best" from hatch should be between 3-5 inches by the first spring/summer - and ready for the spawn. Fish that have perhaps had less than quality water, less than quality or quantity food and space may or may not have grown well enough for that first spawn. After that, it is mostly a matter of doing everything right - and some luck.

I have known fish that would not spawn even when given everything properly - and finally, after 7 years, BAM, they spawn. I have know fish that are hatched in late summer/early fall to spawn, themselves, early/mid summer the next year.

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So true. Pharoh after 5-6 years disided to spawn for me...never once did he do it before and I had him since he was a year old....So Daryl's right some times the fish just wont... :(

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