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Brine Shrimp Hitchhikers?

Guest fukata-san

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Guest fukata-san

Okay, so here's the deal.

My wife and I decided to get a fantail goldfish about a year ago since were not allowed to have a pet of the four legged variety. Anyhow, I bought a few strands of elodea for the tank as a way to balance out the nitrogen output from the fish. Then, one day as I'm cleaning the fish's tank, I notice that there are these small, clear, brine shrimp-looking things floating around in the siphon cup. At first I paid it no mind and concluded that it had been decayed elodea leaves. I did notice however that they were hard as all heck to filter out though as they seemed to be swimming AGAINST the siphon current. Anyway, as I was cleaning the tank today I notice them again. This time however I was able to get a closer look at them as I was able to catch one in a net and found that they ARE alive. As I have said earlier, they resemble brine shrimp although they don't have any color to them and are about half the size of a typical brine shrimp. Does anyone know what these are? I'm guessing that these things hitched a ride on the elodea plant as I have never seen them prior to getting the plants. Any help would be appreciated.

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