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Guest fishyfishyfish

What Is Your Fish History? In Pictures

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Guest fishyfishyfish

Ok i'd like to start a thread of peoples fish history (family tree) I hope people would like to join in, it might be interesting.

ill go first

my dovii / jaguar cichlid (i'm not sure) it was bought as a jag but ppl keep telling me it was a dovii 2004-2007



p.s. this fish was 2" when i bought her & it grew quite large to 12"

then i swapped my jag for my Green Terror cichlid breeding pair 2007-2008



then as i am now - with my coldwater fancies (much less stress than cichlids as they dont try and kill each other or bite me every opportunity they get!



Please join in with your history - lets see how far back this can take us.


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I don't have any pictures, but growing up my mom had a 55 gallon (I think). She had a bunch of goldfish (mostly commons and comets, I guess) and a couple of common plecos. Knowing what I know now, she sort of did everything wrong with the tank. I'm sure we were grossly overstocked, and the pleco used to kill our other fish occasionally. One of them got to be gigantically huge, like longer than a foot.

We had an undergravel filter and never, ever did actual water changes or gravel vacs. About once every 3-4 months we would completely drain the thing, clean all the gravel, scrub everything, etc. I was chief rock washer.

I don't know how many fish died at our hands, I'm sure quite a few -- my mom would always swap out with a new one or scoop out the dead one to avoid me being traumatized.

When I was about 6, she start letting me feed the fish. But she didn't watch me very carefully, and I used to stick my hand in the tank. She never made me wash my hands, because she didn't know I was petting the fish, and I ended up in the hospital with salmonella.

Then, my modern-day story is that my friend bought me a goldfish for my birthday one year. Just the fish. No tank, nada. So she bought the $6 fish and I had to go out and buy a tank and everything else. Which I did, an awesome plastic 1.5 gallon. *sigh* It leaked...shocker...so I upgraded to a 5 gallon. The fish's name was Chaos, quite appropriately. Chaos died, as did a handful of fish I put in afterward. We took the water to get it tested and they said everything was fine, perfect, no problems...yadda, yadda. So I bought a common from the feeder tank for 60 cents and named him Tester. (To test the water.) Well, Tester lived for awhile, so I added a buddy to the 5 gal: Lancelot. Of course, Lancelot died not too long afterward. I had NO clue what I was doing. I trusted the pet store lady and once monthly I would take the tank apart, clean everything, put in a new filter cartridge and then fill with bottled water. Ugh.

After Tester lived for a year or so, I renamed him Fisher. Then one day Fisher was near death and I stumbled on this amazing place, and Trinket, who totally opened my eyes to what fish-keeping was all about. And the rest is history...

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I didnt really start taking picture of my fish till I got goldfish but here are some of my other goldfish.

Bently a nnnnnn fish. Lived longer then I expected.




Got this one when I got Star fine one day next he was just dead.


This is Odd some happened with it. I got it from utopia goldfish. Fine one day gone the next.


This one got some sort of fungus. I managed to save the others but this one did not make it.


This is Mojo. Been a couple years so do not remember what happened to it.


And my most reasent lose. Charm.


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What a great idea :) I have a lot of these guys in my blog, but here are most of the fish I've had over the past 6 years (there are a few I can't find pics of right now)

These were in my sister's tank when I moved in with her, George the moore and Harry the fantail (plus others I didn't get pics of)



Later I got Angus the ranchu


Elaine the lionhead (died just last month :( ) and Jerry the oranda came next. Here they are as babies


and as grown ups...


And now to my current babies Fred, George, Penney and Edwin





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Let me start out by saying I have had many fish in my past but I do not have pictures of them.

When I was around 6-7 years old my brothers and I bought a 10 gallon tank. It was filled with guppies, platies, neons and who knows what other fish we put in it. It was overstocked.

My next tank was a 5 gallon that was overstocked with platties and a betta. I had a feeder goldfish I got from school but it died due to overcrowding and bad water conditions. I moved all of the fish to my brothers 20 gallon because I wanted to put a frog in the 5 gallon. I ended up with 3 goldfish a week later. I upgraded to a 20 gallon not to long after getting the goldfish. They all died because of dusty gravel. I redid the whole tank and went out the next day to get 3 new fish. :rolleyes: We had to move so I gave the tank to my cousins but my aunt gave the fish to p*e*t*s*m*a*r*t about 2 months later.

When we got to the new house I didn't have a fish tank but wanted one. About 2 months later I cashed in my change a bought a 10 gallon for 3 goldfish. I cleaned the tank once every month or so but shortly lost the goldfish. I kept buying more until I finally got my 55 gallon a year later (for my birthday)

This was one of the fish I had for 6-8 months. I paid 25 cents for him. His name was Troy.


Not the best picture but this was Tasha the lionhead.


Cheeto the Oranda. He had black when I bought him but turned all orange shortly after. He was a birhtday present and cost $30. He died a few months later due to a bad case of ich.


Then came my current fish.


I also have always had topials such as neons and gouramis.

This is a Clown Knife I had to give up due to getting too large and too expensive. He would only eat brine shrimp and ate 2 cubes twice a day. He was 3 inches when I bought him.


I love my goldfish more then the tropicals I own. I am glad I made the switch when I did beause they have so much personality.

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I forgot to mention. Without finding this place I probably would have lost piggy (orange oranda) due to sever swim bladder problems and the rest due to bad water conditions. Now I do weekly water changes. Thank you all for your help.

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Here are the highlights of my personal (not my fish day job) year of fish:


these guys finally spawned this weekend:

A trip to Lake Tanganyika was definitely a highlight:


Finding Giant Fairy shrimp and brine shrimp on the Serhinageti plane and blowing the guides minds (they had been there hundreds of times and never say this:


While we were there they had to be on constant guard for Lions.

Best fishes



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Guest fishyfishyfish

I forgot to mention, before my cichlids i had a Brackish setup but I was quite inexperienced and i just used any old salt, and overstocked the tank and i lost a few fish but they were really nice fish & the ones that didnt die = I had 4 silver catfish, 4 scats & 4 archer fish plus a green spotted puffer.

The archer fish were cool as you just need to wave food at them and they would spit water at you, quite funny if you got a friend to feed them!!

The green spotetd puffer made the journey from full salinity marine to brackish then to fresh water & it lived for ages, i actually did that on purpose as I read up on, and this particular type would migrate through rivers estuaries & eventually into sea water and back again & it lived for ages till it encountered my quite large clown knife fish that actually swallowed it then spat it straight back out. (We all know the health hazards of fugu ha!!! just ask the japaneses. And it lived for another year after that before it died whe i went on hols and left it in the care of a friend who quite obviously overfed it as there was more uneaten food in the tank than gravel!

In my current fancy goldfish adventure i'm unfortunaely on my 3rd batch of goldfish as the first 2 lots succumbed to whitespot and they all died, but as i found out from coming to this site it was the medication that was actually killing the fish which I couldn't (wouldn't) believe at first and therefor lost 8 fish due to my inexperience. When i finally opened up and accepted the advice i used salt on my 3rd & current batch and the whitespot is gone and they are in perfect health, plus not one has died!!! So thankyou very much guys and the site if i hadnt found you i suppose these fish would be dead now too!

Anyway i've now learnt not to overstock and not to jumpstraight into the commercial products every time their is a problem, ill take advice next time there are any problems.

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I'll add my 'forgot to mention' note as well. I had goldies for years as a kid, but not in the best conditions. I've also had a ton of tropicals, right now I have a tank of tetras, guppies, cories and ottos. I also have had a few bettas (thinking about getting another one soon :heart )

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Woohoo! These are ALWAYS Fun!!

Here's Big Boy in 04 (He was originally named Groucho cause he kinda sported a moustache & big eyebrows!)


By '05 All the black was gone & he became "Big Boy"!


Now he's the star of my 90 gallon tank!


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I been raising fish for so long that I dont have Pics from when I started, just pics from fish that I started this site with years ago.... and the fish I had over the last 5 years :)

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Here's Yin in '06


And now (He always reminds me of a Sumo Wrestler!!)


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Here's Hershey & Patch. They are siblings.




Hershey '05




Patch '05


Here's Buster as a baby....since he was in Hershey's pic above. He just recently passed :(

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I been raising fish for so long that I dont have Pics from when I started, just pics from fish that I started this site with years ago.... and the fish I had over the last 5 years :)


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I don't really have any pics of the earlier fish we had when I was younger (all I have right now is my laptop and they are not on it), but I'll try to remember them all in order.

When I was very young (7 or 8) we inherited a 30 gallon tank from my aunt (who kept lots of fish, angels and bettas from what little I can remember). It was a community tank with a betta and a few small tropical fish, I cannot remember too well what was in there, but despite us being very, very new to fishkeeping it worked very well, until my parents got tired of it and decided to move it to the shop. I think we gave away the fish.

Over the years, we have had various fish in there, neon tetras, cories, mollies, sharks (not real ones, of course). They never had much luck with the fish at the shop, most wouldn't last a year (I suspect because of the fumes and stuff from the shop, but also because the tank was hard to heat).

The tank remained empty for a few years, and I got a betta (blue and red) who lived in a one gallon in my room for five years. His name was Sho Mortimer, though I usually called him Sho Buddy. Unfortunately, in my depression I neglected him and he died. Later, my parents wanted fish for the shop tank and I started researching goldfish, whom I thought would be more resilient to the tank and it's lower temp. Thats what got me into goldfish. We ended up getting three fantails almost two years ago now.

From top to bottom: France, Lockjaw and Pigeon.


Lockjaw died from some undiagnosed problem, but the two others still live in the 30 gallon, which ought to be good for them.

Then, I got Ophie (my telescope) and Gilbert (my pearlscale), who lived in the shop tank temporarily until they could move out with me.


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Well I remember when I was 16 years old, I kept two lovely commons in a bowl (yes, back then I had NO IDEA on proper care) and they kept me company for four years, but eventually passed away because they were stunt.

Later on, I had Stampede with a unnamed black moor that didn't live long ( I always had bad luck keeping moors alive) in a 10 gallons. Had that point, I found out about this website and nitrogen cycle. Pretty much I got into the hobby and wanted to keep my fantail Stampede the proper way, so I got her a rubbermaid bin that could hold at least 20 gallons. Sadly she stayed with me only for 2 years until she passed away, which I assume was caused by flukes.

Next came Miso and Tofu, residing in the rubbermaid bin for awhile until my dad bought me my 30 gallons along with a nice stand only for approx 150$. I bought a third oranda called Renoir but this poor guy was probably already sick as he only lived a week. Of course I had to treat the whole tank with PP but thanks the Lord it didn't destroy my cycled filters completely!

Recently Wasabi came into the picture, he's such a cute little pearscale! All 3 fish's gender is yet to be determined.

Wasabi, my latest addition to the family


All 3 fish living happily in the 30 gallons


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I have written my fish story in words in my Goldfish Blog, but here are a few pics.

These are my first goldfish, Gullet, Buse and Brain. The fourth fish had already died. They came to me in 2004.


Gullet was my all time favourite. Big Mama. I still miss her...


In 2005, Buse and Brain were lost, and 2 new males were bought, Angus and Mac.

Angus is still with me, but here is an early pic of him!


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