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My Fry (",)


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Hi, just hoping if anyone can give opinion or guide on the best way to take care of my baby fry....it would really really help me a lot...I only got to save only a few of them because didn't noticed right away that there we're eggs in the aquarium...fortunately i got to save some of them and put it in another small aquarium....

my goldfish and pearlscale had babies last month (August) and 8 of the babies made it thru they are 1 month old now...but lately some of them are dying and i don't know the cause...I have only 4 fries left...and its frustrating to see them die...because they are much bigger now and has well-developed body....

the incident was the same for the other 4 fries who died... when i arrived home i would see one of the baby fry on the bottom of the small tank, but it still moves a little...and the rest are fine...they are swimming and eating....but eventually come morning the baby fry that stays at the bottom die.... :(:(:(

I dont want to lose another fry...only 4 of them are remaining...Please please please help me....

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Giving details of your setup and maintenance for the fry could help us see if there is anything that could be changed to help them.

That said there are ages of goldfish fry where breeders notice dieoffs. These are normal and unavoidable. One of those times is right about the one month mark. It seems that at these ages some possibly unnoticed defect in the fry gets to the point where the size of the fish is now too large for the defect to continue to function well enough to continue life. Sometimes you notice signs of a fry going to die, other times the just die out of the blue with no warning.

With more information we may be able to tell if these are natural die offs, or if there is something that could be changed in their environment to help.

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hi thanks for the reply...

I set up a tank for the baby fry....just a small one..but big enough for them..

i put...

1.) sponge filter

2.) airstone

3.) small plants

4.) light

5.) powder food for fry

and i do change their water, but half of it, so i can also remove the uneaten food...

Hope this info can help...


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It might just be that they arent' strong.

At 1month, you definately do some some dying off.

(this can be hassened by bigger fry who will chase / eat / kill the small ones).

I always feel its important to watch for too much water disturbance, either from filter or from cleaning out the tank, they are very sensitive and you can easily break backs, damage tails or worse.

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