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Going Away On Vacation


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I'm gone for 11 days starting Saturday and what happens but a case of fungus. I can administer the meds myself, but, the necessary 25% waterchange after the second dose of meds will have to be done by my fish sitter. Can I pre-buy spring water for her to replace with so there's no water conditioner related mishaps? I've asked her to just siphon the water out (the hose reaches to the tub) and put a cloth over the intake to prevent escapees. I'm also pre-portioning the food in pill boxes.

Is there any way to make this easier? Is the spring water going to be ok?

Thankyou :)


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I would use what ever water you normally use and premeasure the water conditioner put it in one of those clear plastic portion cups with a lid. you can get them at party city.

Mark on your aquarium how low you want it siphoned out with specific instructions.

Sometimes the spring water won't have the same ph and might be missing some minerals and stuff.

The other option is to hire a professional.

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