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Upside Down Laying On The Bottom


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Ok, I managed to get my fish and tank moved....I can't find my test kit, my internet is not up yet...but I finally got my tank cycle back to normal just before we moved!

All the fish seem ok except 2. Esteban has been upside down forever but usually doesn't sleep on the bottom of the tank upside down! einstein is doing the same thing...but this is new for her. BUT she started the upside down thing 2 days before the move.

If I go talk to them they will turn over and swim normal but the second I leave...bottoms up!

Right before we moved my levels were amm 0, no2 0, no3 15

I removed all the rocks so now have a bare bottom tank

moved with all bio material in fish water

What to do? Am I just going to have to wait it out? Water changes?

FYI I am finding that expletive test kit if I have to open every box or get a new one today!

I can post levels tomorrow at work, but in the meantime any advice for when I get home tonight?

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I would first not feed them for 3 days. Then peas for 3 days only. The other thing is not turn on the lights. Goldfish get stressed out moving or being picked up...They might just be stressing since there isnt any other signs on them :(

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amm 0

no2 0

no3 20

ph out of tap 8

ph in tank 7.5 where it usually sits

My babies Esteban & Einstein look like tank ornaments lying upside down on the bottom of the tank!

My other Oranda Artemis is sleeping with her nose in the bottom corner of the tank.

The other fish in the tank are perfectly fine.

Should I mention that prior to move (in other threads) estaban had white poo...I was waiting for the fish meds from GFC to arrive.

I have the light turned off and not feeding them....the fish feel heavy...is that because they are just laying at the bottom of the tank. When Einstein tries to swim she races to the top and looks like she gets air, but I think she is trying to swim fast so she doesn't tip over. Does this make sense?

Is there anything to do but wait?

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I am a bit nervous to go home. I don't have my internet up. If they are still the same what should I do? What if they are worse? I didn't turn the light on this morning...but Einstein's wen was looking a little hazy...maybe from the bottom of the tank smooshing it :krazy: ?

Game plan when I get home is to check levels.

After that....? Sit with my hand in the tank holding them right side up?

I am sorry, I jsut usually have the computer to read and reread if I get in a bind!

Any ideas would be welcome.

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Are you absolutely sure the cycle has carried? I only ask because new water in a new home is always somehow different and there are some unknowns in transferring filters to new water...I just did it myself. I have 3 dead fish this morning ...that I am investigating..the head standing is not good at all. I would re-check all params as soon as you can. Stress hormones in the water can upset params too. Your kH may be different and not holding the pH steady. Check, check, check.

Also...check no stray electric current.

(PS I am in the same position as you!! Signing in from work- no internet- just moved house- frustrating I know!!!)

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Well I was planning on doing a water change anyway. But I transferred the canister...well it is contained and took all the other media in fish water from other tank.

I guess that is all I can do. the no2 was at .25 last night then at 0 this morning.

I am trying to get the salt going....this helps with stress right?

I am soooo sorry about your fish! :sorry::

That is so what i am afraid of. Their wens were just starting to grow bigger and their personalities were really, really starting to show....it is just so sad.

I will do the best I can I guess and update in the morning! Good luck and thank you.

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No It doesn't. But we all understand here :hug

Let us know how things check out when you get home and we can take it from there. Not much you can do from work for now.

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Got home last night, the water wasnt' to bad.

Barely .25 amm, no2 0 no3 30...was a bit worried as Einstein was hiding under the plants. Noticed what looked like a "bed sore" on her head. Did partial water change.

Woke up at 2....dreaming of the fish. Went in there and sure enough. The shubies (elle & mario) along with their cohort in crime fantail (lucy) were chasing the others around trying to eat their poop (sorry)!

Tried to find the tank divider...no luck. Went and unloaded 20 gall tank and got it cleaned up and filled. Grabbed Esteban, Einstein (the worst), Artemis, and Cali (my calico telescope) for good measure so she didn't picked on. Put them in the other tank!

ANGRY RED STREAKS on Einstein with looks to be a red abcess on her wen. OMG!!!!

I know the 20 gall is overstocked...I am going to get a tank to separate my evil gang from the others right after work. But what do I do for Einstein.

1st...I know I am going to be doing twice daily water changes...par for the course around here. But is there something other than salt. I have a whole new pack of Medigold.....as soon as they were done with the move I was going to start for white poo...by the way she has quite a bit of stringy white poo.

esteban seems to be doing better..he still lies on his back on the bottom but not constantly since the 2 am water/tank change. The other 2 are fine...Artemis may have some streaking..???

I did 80% water change in big tank. Looks bare with 3 fish in there but they are mean.

HELP! Please. I know I can't do anything until I get home. But if something absolutley must be done now I could have my boyfriend go to the store. Let me know!!

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