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Healthy Chikoo & Sunshine Say Thanks And Hiii!


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Hey Everyone!!

Like most of us know that Sunshine and Chikoo have been fighting a battle with a line of diseases...Started with Ich..when that was almost dealt with Sunshine got popeye and dropsy...She was moved to an 18 gallon tub of her own...Chikoo was fine until then..but suddenly on the last day of Ich treatment got flukes..phewwww..and since then is being treated with Prazi.. :) ..

Both are doing much better now...They are still separated...and as per my calculations if everything is well..and if they are healthy and fine..I will be moving Sunshine with Chikoo in the main tank..and even some fun decor I have been looking into and buying.. :) ..so we will have a photo session then...

Meanwhile..I would like to give everyone a photo update of how they are doing.. :) ...So many people strived to help me get thru their problems and diseases...everyone was so helpful...Just a small way to thank all you guys for the support and priceless advice..all your time and efforts to help these guys get better..

Sunshine and Chikoo say :thanks ...

Sunshine as usual is a bit camera shy..or should I say a bit snobbish... :P The pictures are when I was working on a 100% water change..I tranferred her into a small pitcher for about 10 minutes..and I know she hates it.. :) ..well but she can hardly beat Mommy.. :P ..and its for her best..

and Chikoo just does not care about the pictures..cos he is busy and I mean really busy with his brocolli...he loves being in a pool of fresh broc and eats it to glory...both now have nice firm bellies..Chikoo gets peas to clear up anything but good proteins at the same time, to fight the bad guys...Sunshine still on Metromeds and she gets peas for 2 days after her course, before getting into the main tank.. :)

so here we go.. :)


Thanks everyone for being there to help me out..these babies would not have made it without you guys...I won't take names, cos I am sure to miss out on one or two and tht just won't be fair.. :) ...Thank you Everyone!!!..and like Sue says..I thank like a million times...LOL...I am really happy as they are getting better..

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*****HUGS******to J, Sunshine & Chikoo!

Sweetie, I am SOOO Happy about this! First of all, I am sooo sooo soo proud of the way you've taken care of them.. You have done an amazing job with them, and it is because of YOU that they are doing so well.. We can give advise until our heads fall off, but if someone is not willing to listen, and work hard, it means NOTHING. You've listened to EVERYTHING you've been told, you've done everything right. You've learned soo much... And now you are ALWAYS helping everyone else.. I am soo glad you came to this board!!! I am just thrilled that Chikoo & Sunshine are better... You might say thanks a million times, (so do I lol) but I keep saying "you have NO idea how much it means to me". Seriously, there was something about these two, and you, that I just wanted to help as best I could sooooo bad! I saw how you spoke of your fish the same way I did of Sheldon when I came here. And I saw how bad you wanted to make them better. And I just wanted SOOOO much to see them recover for you.. YES I AM DORK, we all know that. But seriously, Sunshine & Chikoo are always gonna have a special spot for ME because I feel like we went through such similar things.. I am sooo happy they are doing well!!! I can't wait until they are back together in the tank. And I hope they stay happy & healthy for a long long LONG time!!

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