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The New Symptoms Of Ick?

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I have a 2in goldie in a 1 gallon QT. I separated him from my main tank after he contracted ick. He's had it for almost a week now and it seems like its starting to go away. But now my fish is looking weaker and more sick. He's stopped eating since yesterday and hangs around on the bottom. I've got a .3% salt mixture, a heat lamp keeping the temp at 82F, i medicate twice a day with quick cure and perform a 100% water change every morning. I even check the water quality levels and everything checks out. What's going on???


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Ouch..1 gallon QT+0.3% salt+Quick cure(harsh meds).... :badidea .... the meds with the salt and so less water...its taking a toll over the lil guy...1 gallon is so less of water...you need a rubber maid tub of atleast 10 gallons....with 100gph filter...and only the salts could have done the trick...although when the ich starts to go away it makes the fish very weak..but all these factors are adding to the stress...1 gallon water with 2inch fish will have ammonia in no time..you change 100% water every 24 hours...more stress... :cry1 ...

can you immedietaley transfer him in a 10 gallon tub??..with good filtration and just pristine dechlorinated water???no meds...only salt upto 0.1%...and then slowly increase it to 0.3%...also you could order MetroMeds from goldfishconnection.com...Please do not feed those to him..just have them on hand....

Get drop test kits for ammonia, nitrites, nitrates and pH...monitor the water parameters and please post results here..awww..poor baby.. :(

Also when he got ick was he in the main tank????...have you treated the main tank in that case??...the ick is in the main tank as well...must have not bothered the other fish yet..but its still there...salt the main tank upto 0.1%...and lets wait for someone more experienced to answer and help you more on this...meanwhile you could get all this started..please make it fast..

And please fill the above questions in the box with respect to the main tank and the QT tank...please setup a bigger QT tank if possible... :please

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