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Thank you guys! It's just so exciting to see my tank on a page on the forum!

I've got this tank since 23th June 2008 (so not for a very long time). I started with a 120l (30 gallon) for my 4 fish, but I because they were really growing fast I upgraded to a 55gallon tank. I got this tank from the tank-fairy called Jonas :) He gave me everything for free, the tank, the hood, the lamps,...

The stand is a cherrywood table. It onces supported a 80gallon tropic tank, so we were sure it would hold :) The tank is next to our bed, so at 8am the lights go on and if I'm still asleep then, my gf franticly swim in front of me so I would wake and feed them (what else).

I have Hydor external filter (900l/hour, 200gallon/hour) and two lamps especially for plants with pink light. At first I thought is was weird, but now I really love it.

As some mentioned the tank is really long. It's about 140cm (60inch) long and my comets can really swim their hearts out. They also love to swim up the current of the filter :)

I like a planted tank and this picture was taken when the tank was set up for 1 week. As I mentioned, in another post, my gf really think the plants are a snack-to-go station and will not stop eating them. Planting my tank again every month or 2 weeks is quite expensive, but I think it's worth it (I try to see the plants as extra vitamins or something... :blink: ).

Further work and furnishing of my tank will include more plants, less gravel, plateaus with rocks and gravel so I have different heights, making shelters for my fish with driftwood (fake from polyrin) and buying a bubble-wand to go on the back of the tank.

Thank you all for voting for my tank! Vlekje, Shubi, Silver and Lady think you made a good choice!!! :happydance

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