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Mating Orandas

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ALl goldfish will mate with other goldfish. They do not know the difference between breeds - and will happily cross breed. I have seen a number of Oranda with telescope eyes and such - proof of such cross breedings.

A male fish, when primed for breeding, will have white bumps along his front pectoral fins - called "breeding stars". Many fish also will display breeding stars on their gill plates and large older males may even have some on their heads.

If the male fish is chasing the female fish hard and fast and she is gravid with eggs, she will generally release them at about dawn. You need to remove the eggs from the tank ASAP or the fish will eat them. Placing many small plants or a breeding mop to catch the eggs is a good idea.

Rinse the eggs gently and place them in a tank with water to 6 inches deep. KEep the water at 71F and in about 4 days you should see tiny fry.

Feeding fry is a whole process in and of itself. There are multiple threads here about that...... I recommend hatching your own baby brine shrimp or feeding frozen baby brine shrimp for the first few weeks.

AFter spawning, the adults tank will be FOUL and will need a HUGE water change.

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