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New Fishie!


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Well, I haven't been on this forum in forever because I don't have golfish any longer and until recently, I didn't have tropicals either (I'm in a college dorm). I remedied this situation with the addition of my new Betta (I've never had a betta before), "Mr. Fishie." His name is apt to change, so if you have any suggestions I'd be glad to hear them.

Without further ado, meet the King of Fishies.


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And I like the name prince. But you're right, it is pretty cheesy countrylovah :P

Good thing this is a board for all ages cause I have some words for you right now LMAO :rofl

So did you decide on a name??

I think my betta has an issue where he thinks he was SUPPOSED to be a crowntail. He's been biting his tail, and it is starting to look like that, but it's NOT in a good way!!! It's like he was born wrong and it trying to fix it LOL

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