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Lighting And Wattage..


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I was reading about Grolux tubes, but I'm unsure of wattage I'll need for my 55 gallon WIP.

I'm interested in Grolux because I want to keep little Toeby black and I may even be keeping live plants in the new tank! :D

Does anyone have suggestions?

I'm also curious about algae.. my current 10g has a bit of brown algae growing on the back and sides and edges.. are there products or procedures to control this? :)


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As far as the algae goes, I scrub it with an old toothbrush when I do a full tank clean, seems to do the job pretty well :D

Thanks. :)

Hopefully, there's one lying around unused.. I think the tank's due for a large water change, anyway. A bit of debris form the orange slice is still around that I can't get with a net!

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Guest Orandaa

If you dont have one, just a cheap brand toothbrush wouldnt be more than a dollar or two :D

There's also these really cool algae brushes.. they're magnetic, and there's 2 of them. You put one on the inside of the tank and one on the outside (on either side of each other) and when you move the outside one, it moves the inside one without you having to put your hand in the tank! It's really neat, but Im not sure where to find them.

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