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Goldfish Quiz On Main Page

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I just took the goldfish quiz but the answers didn't match the questions...like the questions asked about bumpy scales and if you should soak your food and the answers talked about gallons and I think nitrate ppms.

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I just tried it, and if you answer every question correctly, it is fine. The problem comes when you get a question wrong. The corrected response (other than question 1) is for something completely different!

For example:

2. What kind of goldfish has bumpy scales?

a) ranchu

b) I dont care

c) oranda

d) pearlscale

If I answer a) ranchu, it comes back with:

Question :2

The correct answer was d

Generally you should try to keep it to the 20ppm level anything higher than that over a period of time can cause problems with the goldfish


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This was the question that got mixed up for me:

1. Do RubberNose Plecos and Goldfish Mix?

a) yes

b) no

c) who cares

d) Doesnt Matter

I chose:

b) no

This is what the answer was:

Question :1

The correct answer was a

Common Plecos once to there [sic (sp.)] adult age will attack the goldfish's slim [sic (sp.)] coat, [sic (punctuation)] Please dont [sic (punctuation)] mix them together.

This very answer is contradictory and went on to confirm that by telling me my answer was wrong, but justified my answer in the explanation.

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