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Filter Material Advice Sought


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I'm not sure if this shouldn't have been posted in the "ponds" section, but here goes:

In my pool/pond, I have a model 500 Tetra pump/sprinkler unit whose output is split (as permitted by the pump design) to provide water under pressure to the (bell shape) sprinkler head and to feed water into my DIY filter/settlement/bacteria unit previously mentioned. Because of the very heavy particulate and algae in my pool/pond (yes, I know, I know), the small internal reusable filter within the model 500 pump gets clogged up fairly rapidly. That means I have to don my waders and wrestle the unit back "ashore" for cleaning (it sits some 6 feet out into the pool and is tied to a cinder block for stability). OK.. get the picture?

Now, this OF doesn't relish the slippery slidey trip out into the pool and back no how. However, the pump is desgned to utilize a water input that bypasses the tiny internal foam filter by using an existing hose slip-on connection for direct water input. I don't think it advisable to feed "raw" pond water to the pump. What I propose doing is building a box ( say 6''x6"x12" or larger) made of 2 opposing solid wooden walls (one of which will have a hose connection to be tied into the pump's input hose connection), with each of those 2 opposing walls connected using 4 wood strips running corner to corner. I would then wrap the open circumference of the box with fiberglass window screening for support and filter stability. I would then wrap the screening with some sort of relatively porous material (remember, part of the flow will be sent to the DIY filter, so there is no reason for super-dooper filtering at this stage). The box would sit, hopefully, on the floor of the pond and be located much closer to the pool edge and within my reach for servicing. The larger filter area provided by the box should extend the cleaning/servicing interval of the pump. So, now the question.... what sort of fairly porous, stable pre-filter stuff or cloth or material of some sort could/should I use as the working outer wrapping of the box?


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