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Loaches With Guppies?


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Cross posted on Yahoo Answers..

I've recently had a few of my Glo Fish (danios) in my 30 gallon die (old fish). At the same time, my guppies had a big litter of fry (10 or so surviving now close to 1cm).

I've moved my danios to my 10 gallon, and my 2 adult guppies and 10 fry to the 30 gallon with 2 clown loaches (the loaches are juvenile, and not really and larger than the adult guppies).

The loaches seem EXTREMELY curious. They've been approaching the guppy adults slowly from the front and watching them at close range. The male guppy is hovering extra close to the female because of this (pretty sure she's also pregnant again).

So far everyone is playing nice. Will the guppies be ok with my loaches? Normally the loaches hide during the day, but the guppies really have their attention.


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Clown loaches are fine with Guppies....they are a very playful fish and will swim with them...I had three of them with my guppies years ago and was fun to watch them.. :)

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