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Found Somewhere That Stocks Fancies

Guest nimajneb

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Guest nimajneb

I was in sunny Basildon(Bas Vegas to those in the know) the other day and stopped into Fishy Friends Aquatics in the shopping centre as it's only a few doors away from our branch there. They've got about 15 or more tanks with coldwaters including some nice Moors, some Lionheads and Ranchu's as well as some telescopes - there was a lovely pearlscale one that had lost an eye but was a good size... very tempting to do the salvation purchase! - as well as a good selection of the norms as well(some beautiful callico fantails and I don't even particularly like callicos). Some of the moors were a really good size, tennis ball maybe.

Have to say that the condition of them was pretty good too - there's always going to be one or two but generally all very aware and alert, no dead fish in the tanks. Worth a note to anyone unfortunate enough to be in that area.

What a shame I haven't got the space so had to make do with a couple of packets of Bloodworm instead... not quite so satisfying.

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