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Id These Fish?


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Alright, so I was at the hospital (visiting) and they had a beautiful marine tank set up in the waiting room. Anyway, there was this one big fish. It was shades of blue in stripes, torpedo shaped body. The top half has yellow vertical stripes, and the bottom half was yellow dots. The dorsal and anal fins would fan out to almost twice as large as when they were folded. Then there were two gobys (I think). One was black and gray striped. He sat on a pair of fins, but he had to clear fins on the side that he 'flapped', appearing to 'fly' across the bottom of the tank. The other one came out and picked up a mouthful of stones in its mouth, then they came out the bottom of his gills. Any ideas on what these three fish could be?

There were also two clownfish, but one was really big. Do they get that big, or was it just something that looked like a perc?

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